Continental Maserati Parts Department

When a vehicle is as meticulously crafted as a Maserati, only parts and components of the highest quality and exact specifications can be used to achieve optimal performance. With years of Maserati experience, knowledge and an exhausting dedication to detail, the Continental Maserati Parts Department places the absolute highest emphasis on making sure every Maserati vehicle that enters our shop gets the attention it deserves. Our dedication to quality parts for your Maserati vehicle reaches across the globe, where we even have developed industry connections in the very country where Maserati started, Italy, to fulfill any part request possible. No matter your needs, the Continental Maserati Parts Department will make sure your world-class vehicle gets the parts it needs to perform the way it was meant to. Through advanced ordering systems and an extensive in-house inventory, the part you need is always readily available when you turn to the professionals at the Continental Maserati Parts Department.

For classic or late model Maserati requirements, the Continental Maserati Parts Department professionals also specialize in the preservation, repair and maintenance of vintage Maserati vehicles as well, making our parts department a destination for any Maserati enthusiast. In addition, Continental Maserati also carries a wide array of the most sought after items for any fan of the Maserati brand. Step into our newly remodeled Maserati boutique to choose from a wide array of Maserati items, from Maserati watches and cuff links to Maserati apparel. We also invite you to visit our eBay Store and Amazon Store for special offers on selected items.


Parts Sourcing

More than 90% of the parts we sell come directly from Maserati in Italy. However, replacement parts for the older and vintage Maserati vehicles are getting harder to find every day. With our connections and know-how, we are very successful in locating remaining inventories for all of your Maserati parts needs. In addition, our parts department has an extensive list of other manufacturers and specialty shops to supplement our OEM parts. If we don't have the part you need we will do what it takes to find it for you.

Experienced Staff

With over 25 years direct experience, our dedicated parts staff is the perfect complement to our already exemplary service team. Maserati vehicles are built to very strict standards, such standards that many repair shops do not have the knowledge or experience to properly perform many repair and maintenance procedures. Rest assured the professionally trained hands and the proper tools will always be working on your Maserati vehicle at our service shop.   

Overnight Shipping

Maserati vehicles are meant to be enjoyed on the road. This means driving them, no matter the year, make or model, as much as possible. When you turn to the Continental Maserati Parts Department, your Maserati vehicle will be serviced in a timely manner because non-stocking parts can be ordered on a next day basis and properly installed in your vehicle in little to no time at all.

Large In-House Inventory

Our colossal inventory - which is homogenized electronically so accuracy is regimented – includes vintage parts for Maserati and the most current models. By stocking such a large selection of in-house parts, we save our service customers time and money by delivering accurate service no matter how routine or comprehensive the job is.

International Resources

Aside from receiving parts directly from Maserati in Italy, we have immeasurable connections to other international vendors. Our international reach vastly expands the capabilities of our parts department, making the Continental Maserati parts department one of the most trusted in the industry.

Maserati Boutique

Whether you’re looking for Maserati vehicle accessories, clothing, or small gifts, Continental AutoSports Maserati boutique has it all. Concentrated throughout the entire dealership, our boutique showcases a vast selection of exclusive items. From the latest line of Maserati watches, to specialized license plate frames, we carry that one-of-a-kind gift you won’t find anywhere else. We also have an eBay Store to make it convenient for our customers to shop anywhere, anytime.